Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Travel Backpacks

2021-11-25 10:53:30 By : Mr. Kelvin Lin

When buying a travel backpack for someone, consider how that person travels and their needs. For some people, the best choice may be the size of personal items that are suitable for everyday wear. For others, they may prefer a carry-on bag rather than a suitcase or suitcase. But in the end everyone should have a trustworthy backpack because they are so versatile. From exploring the city to venturing in the wilderness, everyone can find something that suits them, and there are also some incredible fashion choices. Here are eight of the best backpacks that can be given to your favorite travelers this season.

In addition to making one of the best duffel bags in the game, Peak Design also has a versatile backpack. It is made of waterproof 400D nylon and can be expanded to a 45 liter bag or compressed to only 35 liters for daily use. However, the clever part is all the attention to detail. The backpack is fully opened from beginning to end, so you can pack it like a suitcase and pick and place your belongings from all angles. There is a dedicated slot for a 15-inch laptop, a place to store all the essentials in the front, two hidden pockets on the side, and one in the belt. If you choose a handbag, it also has multiple attachment points, lockable zippers, and strap storage. If you want to buy this product for photographers, be sure to order Camera Cube at the same time so that they can organize all the techniques in an orderly manner.

Stay away from small zipper bags

The popular luggage brand Away also has a great backpack to match your rollers. There are several compartments inside, including a 13-inch laptop case, water bottle pocket, a zipper pocket and a detachable key clip to keep all your belongings in order, while a discreet external pocket is perfect for your belongings Will visit frequently. This bag is made of waterproof nylon and has a pass-through sleeve that allows you to fasten it to the handle of the suitcase as you walk through the airport.

For lightweight backpackers who only need a backpack on the ground, Lojel's is the real winner. This bag is about the size of a small bag when folded and is very easy to pack and carry around in case you eventually need to use it. After disassembling, you will have an ultra-light, waterproof backpack with an external zipper pocket, a side water bottle pocket and two internal compartments to help you stay organized.

For backpackers and adventurous travelers, you need something that suits their hobbies, and Osprey can meet your needs. Fairview Trek Pack 50 is equipped with functions such as suspension and ventilation to help keep the wearer comfortable and cool, as well as a hydration sleeve, sleeping bag shoulder strap and waist belt pocket. There is also an included protective cover to help you withstand any storms you might encounter. The main compartment is fully open, so you can easily stuff everything inside. This bag is designed for women, but has the same appearance as the tried and tested Farpoint.

The beloved Danish brand Rains knows how to create a simple and stylish style, and their backpacks are no exception. Their Buckle Rolltop Rucksack is made of their iconic waterproof material, with padding and shoulder straps on the back to improve comfort. Inside you will find a spacious 19-liter main compartment with a laptop sleeve. There is also an outer pocket with a waterproof zipper, where you can store items such as ID cards, cash, and mobile phones.

Venture Pal Lightweight Foldable Travel Hiking Backpack

With over 20,000 reviews and an average rating of four and a half stars on Amazon, Venture has proven to be the true darling of budget-friendly adventure backpacks. The bag can be folded for easy storage, and it is made of tear-resistant and waterproof nylon. It has breathable mesh shoulder straps, chest clip, two side pockets and internal compartments. It even has a waterproof wet storage room inside, which can separate sweaty clothes, towels, or anything else you want to keep away from clean items.

For those who want to double as a carry-on backpack, Tortuga's highly rated option is a good choice. It opens completely, so you can pack it like a suitcase, and inside you will find multiple compartments, including a padded laptop sleeve. This bag also features waterproof fabric, height-adjustable shoulder straps, waist belt, and sweat-wicking foam padding, so you can take it around all day long. There are two sizes to choose from, 35L is suitable for international carry-on size restrictions, and 45L is suitable for travel within the United States.

If you are looking for an option that is also suitable for everyday wear, Herschel’s Little America backpack is the ideal choice. The size of this bag is just right for travel, and there are a variety of colors to choose from, suitable for any style. This bag has an inner pocket, a fleece-lined laptop sleeve and a zippered front pocket with a key clip.​​​ The top is closed with a drawstring and further secured by a magnetic strap. It also has air mesh padding on the back to provide extra comfort and breathability.