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2021-11-25 10:53:08 By : Mr. Baron Yu

Fishing from the boat is great, whether it's fishing from the heights of a bass boat, or close and personal fishing from the seat of a kayak. On the other hand, loading, unloading, launching and maintaining boats are the chores that few of us expect when fishing. Sometimes, we just want to go back to our roots, walk to our favorite honeymoon hole, and leave the shore immediately. This is where a great fishing backpack comes in handy.

A good fishing backpack can carry all your necessary fishing gear, keep it organized, and free your hands to do more important things, such as carrying a cooler or pulling a cart. The list includes traditional full-size fishing backpacks and compact and simple fishing slings.

If you go fishing on foot, but like to carry all kinds of equipment and fishing tackle with you, then the traditional fishing backpack is a durable fishing tackle box with a lot of additional functions. The best fishing backpack can carry multiple utility boxes, fishing rods and reels, fishing tools, and enough space for jackets and lunch.

Day Tripper from KastKing is one of those backpacks that seems too low to last. It is made of hydrophobic 420D nylon and fits four 3600 glove boxes into smooth side pockets. There are two pockets for holding fishing rods. It includes a large number of partitions to keep you organized. There is even one Fleece lined pocket sunglasses specially used for fishing. It also has a first-class shoulder strap system, including shoulder, sternum and waist adjustments for proper weight distribution and comfort throughout the day. As an added benefit, the belt includes a quick-access belt pocket, which is perfect for storing frequently used items such as pliers and cutting tools. The only drawback of Day Tripper is that it does not include utility boxes. This is a small pick, although considering that you will have enough cash to assemble it to your liking.

Orvis is known for its high-quality fly fishing equipment, and their sling bags are a favorite of fishermen all year round (see below for more details). They have now launched a full-size backpack version of the sling bag, which is a great choice for mobile/minimalist anglers of all disciplines. The waterproofing duties are handled by TPU-coated 500D nylon and the YKK Flexseal zipper (arguably the highest quality seal) of the main compartment, which means this bag can handle anything from a light shower to full immersion. There are plenty of thoughtful lashing points on the outside of its backpack, two brackets for fishing rods and/or water bottles, and a cushioned bottom that helps protect electronics and other valuables from impact.

In terms of organization, the Shimano Blackmoon fishing backpack is hard to beat. The top-loading version includes dedicated storage space for everything from the leader spool to the terminal trolley, and a huge main compartment designed for three 3700-sized utility boxes. We particularly like the modular front compartment setup, which uses a Velcro wall and can accommodate four detachable bait bags. Blackmoon does not include any dedicated fishing rod holders, but it has enough pockets and webbing straps to mount your own fishing rod. This fishing backpack also offers a front loading option, which can accommodate four vertically stacked utility tool boxes. Both bags come with a box, so you really can't go wrong.

This Piscifun backpack is constructed like an absolute tank. Its 1200D nylon structure may last longer than all of us, as are all four ventilated 3600 utility boxes. The storage capacity is amazing, including 11 independent compartments. These include a waterproof pocket for mobile phones, a hard-molded case for protecting sunglasses, a lined cup holder for bottles or jars, and a bottom hidden storage bag for storing special rain covers . It has also received thousands of enthusiastic reviews from fishermen of various skill levels and disciplines, so it is safe to say that from a pricing perspective, the weight of this product is much higher than its heavyweight.

For more than two decades, Advanced Anglers II design has been a part of Bass Pro Shop's core fishing tackle system products. When it came out in the 90s, it was a great serious design, and Bass Pro Shops has insisted on this approach ever since. Over the years, they have updated the design based on customer opinions, and the latest version is by far the best.

It has two main compartments, one at the bottom, which can hold four 3650-sized utility boxes (two of them), a top loader can hold a 3750 box (also included) and larger items, Such as extra layers and your lunch bag. The Advanced Anglers II fishing backpack also has double-sided pockets for fishing rods, waterproof compartments for electronic equipment, quick-access outer bags for the smaller 3500-size fishing tackle box (also included), and Wiring inside the water bag.

Outdoor Evolution Large Mouth is another large-capacity fishing backpack with a range of highly competitive features, including sweet mossy oak "Agua Manta" camouflage fabric. We like its utility bag on the front and the large opening in the top loading main compartment. The zipper puller suitable for wearing gloves makes it easy to get in and out of the bag, and the highly visible interior color makes it easy to find what you need. There is also a sturdy traditional handle mounted on the top, making the big mouth ideal for the dual task of traditional fishing tackle bags. Did we mention that it has mossy oak camouflage?

The treated nylon is great, but the completely waterproof 500D PVC structure is unique. If you deliberately let your bag get wet, then the Plano Z series is 100% prepared for the monsoon. The fully welded seams and the roll-up top seal mean you can take it into deep water with peace of mind (the saltwater fishermen who like to wade into the sea, we are watching you). Plano's Z series is also equipped with two oversized 3700 series StowAway utility boxes, so you will have enough space to store and organize your fishing tackle. The roll-top seal also provides you with more adjustability, so you can have space for extra layers or food when you need it, and you can safely load it when you don't need it.

Due to its innovative features and attention to detail, Wild River’s fishing bags have become more and more popular recently. One of the outstanding features of this fishing backpack is the integrated LED lighting system, which can be flipped from the inside of the backpack to the outside as needed. Hands-free lighting is very helpful for anglers who like to go out early or late. It also has some additional features, such as a hard-moulded sunglass frame, a retractable lanyard ideal for use as a wire cutting tool, and a leather case for pliers. Tek Nomad comes with four 3600 sized boxes, which are firmly fixed in place with internal Velcro straps. Tackle Tek’s overall style has also gained points. It combines dark brown and olive cordura to create a retro outdoor atmosphere.

Sling fishing backpacks have long been a favorite in fly fishing, but their use has also expanded to other disciplines. If you like to stay fast and light, or like to use some simple fishing tackle, fishing slings are a great addition to your gear collection.

If you are a fan of KastKing gear but like to travel light, check out their BlowBak sling fishing backpack. These sturdy pouches are made of 600D nylon and are coated with a waterproof coating to help keep the equipment dry. We like all the thoughtful features of KastKing in BlowBak, such as neoprene rod pockets, safety pliers compartments and multifunctional Molle belt system. The small shoulder bag can hold two 3600-size fishing tackle boxes, and there is extra space in the inner and outer pockets. BlowBak's sling can also earn points by swapping your main casting hand to the left/right, which is especially appreciated by fly fishermen.

For many years, the original Orvis sling bag has been the first choice of fly anglers. They recently updated the product line of this waterproof version, replacing the ecological Cordura fabric with waterproof TPU coated 500D nylon. It still has the functions of the original sling that anglers love, such as a belt-mounted gear station for pliers and pliers, an external fly patch, landing net attachment, and two external rings for vertical tail supports. The Flexseal YKK zipper that protects the main compartment ensures that your gear stays dry, whether you are wading deep or have a habit of unplanned swimming.

Ask almost all fly fishermen which sling bag is on their wish list and they will tell you either the Orvis sling mentioned above or the much-loved Patagonia Stealth Atom. Patagonia’s 8-liter fishing bag can hold two large flight cases, has enough space for additional equipment, and has an additional waterproof pocket for safe storage of your mobile phone or other electronic products. It also has a well-thought-out external pocket for storing all necessities such as pliers, pliers or spools. The simple but adequate packaging comes with a sturdy water bottle bag to ensure that the beverage of your choice stays safe between mouthfuls.

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