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2021-11-25 11:32:05 By : Ms. Ada Chen

Backpacking is a fun, adventurous and cost-effective way to travel. This may be tiring and laborious, but the advantage is that you can meet interesting people from different cultures.

If you like to breathe fresh air outdoors, there are no restrictions, just waiting for the excitement of your unknown road, then maybe backpacking is for you.

In this form of travel, it may bring physical tension, allowing you to get a full-body exercise. Exercise is not the only benefit, but you can leave a lot of memories and meet all kinds of people from different nationalities.

You can start this adventure on your own, with friends or with an organized tour group. There are many things to consider when backpacking. Unfortunately, we won’t cover all of them in this article. 

So let us know some useful information you need to know before starting the journey.

What is a backpacker? Some people confuse backpacking with hiking. Backpackers usually put everything in their backpacks when traveling, mainly on vacation. They do not use travel bags or suitcases.

Everything about backpacker travel is low budget. They prefer to live in a hotel instead of a hotel. They would rather walk than use transportation. However, walking from one destination to another may include hiking.

The first thing to do when choosing a destination is to choose a destination. Since this is your first time, please choose a place you are familiar with or not too far away. Try to shorten the travel time as much as possible and adapt yourself to this alternative travel method.

If your destination requires you to fly, please book your flight. For traveling abroad, please make sure you have prepared the necessary travel documents and passport. Make copies of all your documents, such as your visa, passport and photo ID. Store it in a safe part of the backpack. 

Plan your itinerary, but don't be too detailed to make sure you have made the necessary reservations. One of the joys of backpacking is to go where the adventure takes you. 

The most important thing to pack your backpack is of course your backpack. It needs to be a good quality bag and a reasonable size, depending on your future travel time. If you have a second bag that can be used as a backpack, that will help. It must be foldable, and you should be able to store it in a backpack.

The third bag you need is a money bag that can be placed around your waist, in which you can store cash, bank cards and passports. Another useful item is a padlock, which you can use to lock hotel rooms, lockers, and even your bag.

The travel adapter is another essential item. The power point varies depending on your country/region, and you need it to charge any of your electronic devices.

Then you need to pay special attention to your clothes to make sure they are very light. Even in cold weather, you can fold your clothes instead of using thick clothes that are not easy to fold. Also, make sure they are relatively dark, as they can hide stains, as you may find washing clothes challenging.

Bring as little clothes as possible. You can easily buy cheap clothing as you need, and when you no longer need that clothing, you can donate it to people who are offline.

Depending on your travel and destination, there are various other useful items that can be packed. When you travel, you will find what suits you and what doesn't suit you. 

Travel insurance If there is something that seems trivial before most travelers need it, it is travel insurance. Make sure you have insurance in case you get sick or lose your luggage. Sickness abroad can cause unnecessary expenses and ruin a good vacation.

Take away backpacking is a fun, adventurous and cost-effective way to travel. This may be tiring and laborious, but the advantage is that you can meet interesting people from different cultures.

It is safe to say that packing luggage requires a lot of planning, but the trip itself does not require much planning. It's all about being spontaneous, allowing yourself to open up to new experiences. We hope that your first trip is exactly that, and even more. enjoy!

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