The best laptop backpack to protect your technology

2021-11-25 10:56:00 By : Mr. Andy Leon

Whether you are investing in a new MacBookPro or taking a trusted HP to class, a laptop backpack can help you safely transport your device and protect it from natural disasters. Make full use of the flexible working environment and find a working environment that suits your lifestyle. For example, if you have a mixed work environment and go to the office several days a week, a simple and slim laptop backpack may be the perfect choice. Are you an ultra-organized collector of the latest gadgets? Tech backpacks with specialized accessory compartments may be a perfect choice. Or, if you fly frequently, a backpack optimized for air travel can reduce safety issues. The following are our recommendations.

There are dozens of laptop backpacks on the market, but the best one will provide the right design for your organizational preferences and workflow. Here is what we saw when we made the selection: 

Capacity: For a laptop backpack to be useful, it needs to provide space for your equipment and all the extra items (mouse, charger, webcam, etc.) needed to get the job done. We selected multiple options, with different internal and external pockets. For any product that only provides one compartment, we make sure that they are spacious enough to not only accommodate your laptop.

USB ports: Although the USB ports themselves are not necessary, they are very convenient for charging your device on the go. Most of our choices provide a USB port, but please note that you may need to purchase a power bank and charging cable to use it.

Price: We did not emphasize the price in the laptop backpack selection, but we included a budget option that provides powerful features.

Reason for listing: Matein Classic Backpack is the best laptop backpack on the whole, because it has a variety of colors, provides multiple compartments, and is stylish enough for a casual business environment.

Specifications:-Notebook size: 15.6 inches or 17 inches-Weight: 1.56 pounds-Colors: plain gray, charcoal black, blue, camouflage, gray and black camouflage, red, tan, black, light gray, navy blue

Advantages:-Compact design-Multiple pockets and compartments-Includes a USB charging port

Disadvantages:-Does not include power bank

This Matein backpack has pockets on the pockets. There is a laptop case in the back compartment, which can accommodate 15.6-inch devices, there is additional book space, there are two compartments for storing keys and a mobile power bank, you can connect to your external built-in port equipment. In addition, a mesh pocket on the side allows you to store water bottles. 

The built-in USB charging port allows you to charge your device anytime, anywhere. (Please note that you need to buy your own power bank and USB data cable to use this function.) The shoulder strap and back are also padded, which makes it more comfortable to wear. The suitcase cover is designed to fit easily on the luggage handle superior.

Reason for listing: The stylish KROSER laptop backpack is equipped with a single-frame compartment that can be opened wide so that you can quickly view the content.

Specifications:-Notebook size: 15.6 inches-Weight: 1.82 pounds-Color: black and black/pink (floral design)

Advantages:-Chic design-Steel frame provides more durability-Light weight

Disadvantages:-USB port does not include power bank

At first glance, you don’t even know that this KROSER bag is used to hold your laptop. When you strap other equipment to your back, the top handle allows you to carry it like a handbag, and the luggage strap helps to secure it to the rolling equipment case. The durable waterproof design uses reinforced edges and the steel frame of the main compartment.

This may seem counterintuitive, but a backpack with fewer pockets and compartments can actually help you stay organized instead of putting everything in a designated place. The large pocket in the KROSER laptop bag has an open pocket and a mesh compartment for storing smaller items, but the simple design makes it easier to quickly get the items you need. 

Why choose it: Environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate that this waterproof material is made from 20 recycled bottles.

Specifications:-Notebook size: 15.6 inches-Weight: 2.3 pounds Colors: black, gray, light gray and navy blue

Advantages:-A variety of styles to choose from (backpacks, briefcases, convertible backpacks, safety backpacks and sleeves)-Made from recycled water bottles-Multiple dedicated pockets

Large backpacks can be caught by the door and add weight to your shoulders, even if they are mostly empty, especially when you take public transportation. At the same time, the slim laptop backpack minimizes space waste and generally looks more beautiful. As the best laptop backpack with an ultra-thin design, the Targus Cypress Slim Backpack incorporates many extra features into a streamlined shape, suitable for smaller laptops. The laptop compartment is padded, and the main compartment is well organized, with a mesh pocket for cables and chargers.

Reason for listing: The Nubily laptop backpack has a spacious interior with multiple compartments and storage bags, making it easy to carry in busy airports.

Specifications:-Notebook size: 17.3 or 18.4 inches-Weight: 2.2 pounds-Colors: black, blue, dark black, gray-green and red

Advantages:-Flat design-Headphone port-Waterproof

Disadvantages:-USB charging does not include power banks

Nubily’s laptop backpack makes it easy to go through airport security. When fully opened, this most travel-friendly laptop backpack can lie flat and easily slide through the security check X-ray machine. It includes multiple internal and external pockets for easy access to your items. The back is designed with comfortable and breathable mesh. The grip handles are perfect for hanging your gear on your luggage or keeping it by your side when you want to rest. 

You can use the luggage cover to fasten the backpack to your carry-on suitcase, and its anti-theft zipper pocket provides higher security. This backpack also comes with a convenient USB port, but you need your own power bank to charge your device.

Why it’s on the list: The Case Logic laptop backpack protects your device in a large zippered compartment that can accommodate a 17-inch screen.

Specifications:-Notebook size: 17 inches-Weight: 1.23 pounds-Color: Black

Advantages:-Economical-Easy to access pocket-Light weight

Disadvantages:-Only one color is available-No USB charging

You can definitely find a laptop backpack for less than $30. Remember, the technology you transfer is worth hundreds of dollars, even thousands of dollars. This backpack from Case Logic provides the basic knowledge needed for protection technology, without the bells and whistles offered by more expensive models. Use the main compartment to store the laptop, charger, and some extra items. With the convenient side zipper, you can effortlessly pull out your phone or wallet from the front pocket. Please note that unlike the other options in our list, this model does not provide a USB charging port.

Tailoring reason: Patagonia's backpack is made of recycled nylon and polyester fibers, with spacious pockets and padded laptop compartments. 

Specifications:-Notebook size: 15 inches-Weight: 1.9 pounds-Color: New Navy Blue and Borealis Green

Advantages:-Large capacity-Convenient organization-Made of recycled fabric

Patagonia, the manufacturer of this eco-friendly backpack, is known for its environmental protection practices and positive actions. The company donated 1% of its sales to grassroots environmental organizations in the United States and the world. This backpack is made of recycled nylon and polyester fibers. The main pocket is spacious and padded pockets can hold a 15-inch laptop. 

In addition, the laptop pocket can be opened with a zipper, which is convenient for use during airport security checks. Front and side pockets provide extra storage space for chargers, pens and water bottles. The mesh of the rear panel is designed to provide airflow to provide a more comfortable fit, and users report that it can be used as an office bag or hiking.

When you look at the storage capacity of your new backpack, the first thing you should do is to be honest with your organization. Are you the kind of person who rolls up cables neatly every time? Or do you have a desk drawer filled with chargers and adapters collected over the years, which may or may not be chewed by your cat?

The tech backpack has multiple compartments that can be used to store digital devices and accessories. It is an incredible resource to ensure that you carry a USB-C to HDMI adapter or power cord with you. These features range from compartments for battery pack chargers to extra protection for tablets, elastic loops, and small pockets for pens or styluses. 

Before buying, please list all the basic tools needed for your portable workspace to confirm that each tool has a safe and convenient place. You also need to double check the specifications of the laptop to confirm that it fits the sleeve.

When evaluating the fashion of a backpack, look for a harder material or a frame design that maintains its shape. The front pockets should be shallow-think about the phone space, not the charging brick-to keep them neatly shaped when your backpack is full. Also look for a built-in storage bag to get the items you need without having to unzip the entire main compartment.

A backpack with a laptop sleeve and a large main compartment is also a wise choice. If you usually don’t carry a lot of accessories when you work in a cafe, you just need to throw the things you need into your bag. Pro tip: Consider storing cables, flash drives, and other tools in separate mesh bags of different colors, and then store them in a backpack to avoid entanglement. 

If you get in and out of airplanes, trains, and cars, you should consider some features that make traveling more enjoyable. 

First of all, a word about waterproof laptop backpacks: Don’t rely on this feature to completely protect your gear from water damage. Waterproof materials, such as waterproof waxed canvas, are often described as waterproof, but they cannot withstand soaking. You can buy airtight, water-tight equipment boxes, but heavy-duty protection devices will add weight and volume.  

The feature that stands out in a business travel backpack is related to access. If you are worried about data theft, some backpack pockets can hold your wallet and chip card, which can block RFID chip readers. In addition, the easy-to-access laptop and tablet compartments can lie flat when opened, saving valuable time on airport security lines. The USB charging port connected to the portable battery power pack helps to minimize the risk of losing your device while charging. 

The easiest way to determine what to look for in a laptop backpack is to evaluate your existing workspace and ask yourself what you need to make it portable. Once you know which accessories to pack (such as cables and chargers) and additional equipment (such as external keyboards and editing consoles), you can start looking for a laptop backpack of the right size that can hold everything. First look for durable materials, then consider special features such as USB charging ports, RFID chip reader blockers, and luggage straps.

The best laptop backpacks are made of sturdy materials that help protect the safety of your expensive equipment. In addition, you can also determine your personal quality standards based on the amount of equipment you want to transport, your preferred organization method, and where you use the bag most often.

You can find a good laptop backpack with a price between 30 and 200 dollars. At the lowest end of the range, priority is given to protecting your computer, choosing a reputable brand from multiple compartments and additional features. At the high end of the series, you can find durable backpacks from top brands that are designed for specific uses, such as frequent business trips or games. The price of leather backpacks or high fashion brands may be higher.

The smartest way to approach budget choices is to put branding, materials, and simplicity before the bells and whistles. With cheaply manufactured bags, the zippers are more likely to jam or break, and quality control measures may be looser, so be sure to check the laptop backpack carefully before buying. 

If you are looking for a fully functional backpack, you may be worth the money by looking for a high-quality backpack instead of buying a counterfeit. By purchasing a backpack made of durable materials from a reputable brand, you can keep your equipment as safe as possible until you can buy something more in line with your personal taste.

The laptop backpack that suits you best should be part of the equipment series, so you can spend less time setting up the mundane details of your workspace. If a highly organized technical backpack is not your thing, don't force yourself to follow other people's systems. Only you know the perfect conditions for your brain to thrive, and this is the right impulse you should follow.

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