13 best men's backpacks for work

2021-11-25 11:17:58 By : Mr. Simon Yu

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An Australian study found that people who walk or bike short distances to work tend to be happier than those who drive. But even if you live too far to go to work, the best men's work backpack may help keep you productive. The laptop case is suitable for devices up to 17 inches and is available in a variety of prices and styles, so you can find the product that best suits you and your budget.

In addition to a laptop case that fits your computer, the best work backpacks also have features that meet your specific needs, such as locking zippers and hidden pockets that can add an extra level of security, or built-in technology that can organize cables and wires Manager. Or, if you travel frequently, a backpack with a foldable computer compartment that is easy to load and unload can allow you to pass security faster. You also need to consider how much luggage you have to bring to work each day. A slim and compact backpack may provide enough space for some people (if you take public transportation will not hinder you), but if you like to exercise before or after work, you can choose a more spacious option that can accommodate some Additional equipment will eliminate the need to carry a separate gym bag. Similarly, if you are someone who brings lunch to work, the backpack cooler combination is a convenient space-saving option.

Finally, since you carry it on your back, please consider the beauty. Your backpack should make you feel comfortable and confident, so I have provided a range of styles and colors that can help you dress for the work you want (so to speak). Therefore, if you are looking for the best office backpack on the market, you will most likely find one you like in the list below.

This waterproof backpack from Matein is a low-key classic and received an impressive 4.8-star overall rating after more than 43,000 reviews. It has a lot of clever storage space, such as a dedicated rear compartment for laptops and tablets, which can be unzipped and lay completely flat, making it easy to remove items during airport travel. The backpack also has a hidden security bag for storing valuables, various zipper bags for storing small accessories, and two mesh side pockets for storing umbrellas or water bottles. In addition, the external USB port allows charging via a power bank (not included) anytime and anywhere. This backpack is available in 15.6-inch and 17-inch sizes, so be sure to choose the option that suits your laptop.

Useful comment: "This is a cool computer backpack. It is fully functional and has a large capacity. The space layout is also very reasonable. The design of the shoulder straps is also very comfortable, so that the shoulders will not bear the full weight. This is also very cost-effective."

This stylish backpack has many of the same features as the previous one, but with a slightly upgraded style, including an artificial leather front panel and nylon sides. The rear access compartment has a laptop protective cover and straps for tablets and other technological equipment, and the main compartment has enough space for large items, laptops and other essentials. The hidden double zipper of the bag is tamper-proof, and the hidden pocket on the back can be used to store valuables such as wallets or passports. This backpack is compatible with laptops up to 15.6-inches and has a built-in USB port so you can connect your phone to the included charger while on the go. Last but not least, it is durable and waterproof.

Useful comment: "A great, professional and stylish commuter bag. Looking for something practical but more "mature", this bag is ticked in all the boxes [...] Some of the ones I commute home After working late at night, the ability to charge is also a good reward."

With this simple and affordable backpack, you can get many of the same functions as the above options. Although slightly larger, the backpack has three large zipper compartments, one of which is dedicated to laptops up to 17 inches, and multiple pockets and built-in loops for storing smaller accessories. The side mesh pocket is perfect for holding water bottles or umbrellas, and the USB charging port allows you to charge anytime, anywhere (not including power banks). Most importantly, the waterproof design helps protect your items from any spills.

Useful comment: "I originally bought it as a laptop bag, but I use it as a travel bag for short trips. The USB cable for the power supply is very suitable as a backup power supply."

If safety is your top priority when buying a work backpack, consider this pickpocket-proof option with a three-digit code lock. Available in two sizes, 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch, it has a large compartment with a laptop sleeve, and a smaller front compartment with multiple small pockets to easily organize accessories and necessities. It is made of waterproof fabric and has a port to easily charge electronic devices (not including power banks).

Useful comment: "There is a lot of storage space and it is very sturdy. The combination lock on the top provides me with extra security on the way to and from get off work."

This 50-liter backpack has four compartments for storing equipment, work-related documents, and even changing clothes. The back zipper compartment has a padded sleeve that can accommodate laptops up to 17 inches and can be laid flat for airport security. In addition, the sturdy grip handle has been strengthened so that you can lift the bag even when the bag is full. In addition, the shoulder strap of the bag adopts a cushioning design, and the back panel adopts a special ergonomic design, so that the bag can be worn comfortably when it is fully loaded. There is an outer pocket for a water bottle or umbrella, and the charging port allows you to power your phone (not including the power bank). Although it is not waterproof, it is a good choice if you carry a lot of things with you every day, or if you often travel overnight.

Useful comment: "This is exactly what I need for an all-night work trip... it can hold my clothes, gear, and a laptop with accessories."

Maybe you only carry a laptop and some small items to work every day, and want a low-key option that only accommodates the essentials. In this case, this slim backpack will be your best choice. It is only 3 inches thick, but still large enough to hold a laptop up to 15 inches long in its soft flannel case. It has six internal pockets for storing small items, and an anti-theft pocket against your back — perfect for storing passports and other valuables. It is made of durable ballistic nylon and microfiber artificial leather, completely waterproof, and not bulky design suitable for crowded commuter trains. The only downside? There is no charging port.

Useful comment: "I take the train to and from get off work. The low profile of the bag means I don’t have to take it off on a crowded train! In other words, this bag has a lot of space, the number and location of pockets are perfect, and the structure Very high quality."

This KROSER backpack has an overall rating of 4.7 stars after more than 10,000 reviews. It is a highly rated option, scoring points for style. It is made of waterproof fabric, available in three classic colors-charcoal, navy blue and light gray-and uses artificial leather details to give it a timeless beauty. This three-compartment backpack comes with a laptop sleeve that can hold devices up to 17.3 inches, and various internal and external pockets, perfect for storing small accessories. The integrated USB port allows you to charge anytime and anywhere (not including power banks).

Useful comment: "My laptop fits here very well. I have a zbook 17.3-inch laptop. There is plenty of room for my large charging cable and other necessities. The design is modern and comfortable to wear."

Don’t let the retro style of this backpack fool you-it has many storage features that can keep up with the 21st century, such as a laptop case for devices up to 15.6-inches and a charging port for charging on the road ( The power supply does not include the bank). It is made of 600 denier polyester, which is very durable and waterproof. Between the main compartment and four additional pockets, there is enough space for essentials. This is a good choice for those who want to dress up a little bit but don't want to work too hard.

Useful comment: "I use this backpack for work every day and I like it very much. It is not only stylish, but it [really] works very well. I have been exposed to the rain several times. My laptop is not damaged by water."

Despite the higher price, critics wrote that this commuter backpack is worth the money, thanks to high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. The backpack has a separate back-access laptop pocket that can hold up to 17 inches of equipment, and the other two compartments and multiple pockets can help you organize all your work necessities. The side pocket allows you to store a water bottle or umbrella, and the waterproof bottom prevents the contents from splashing while you are riding a bicycle or walking. There is no built-in charging port, and some reviewers report that this option is on the smaller side, so if you are not carrying a large load to and from get off work every day, this is best.

Useful comment: "It is a very professional backpack, made of high-quality materials, and not too big to look like a bulging backpack. [...] In general, I will give this The bag is scored 9.0/10 and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a slim and stylish backpack to carry his laptop, some notebooks and folders to and from get off work."

If you travel with a lot of ropes or small accessories (and tend to misplace them), then you will love the built-in technology manager of this backpack. The two-compartment backpack has a laptop sleeve that can hold devices up to 15.6-inches, and a smaller front pocket that can hold a 10-inch tablet. It is made of waterproof fabric, and its slim and compact design means that it is not bulky when commuting to subways and subways, but it does not have a charging port.

Useful comment: "The best organizer in the history of a computer bag. No more clutter, no need to look for wires or anything, everything has its place."

If you don’t want to carry a second bag when you plan to go to the gym, check out Under Armour’s Adult Hustle backpack. Its main compartment has a lined cover for storing a 15-inch laptop, and a separate zipper compartment for storing sportswear and sneakers. There are also various smaller pockets for organizing essentials (including two water bottle pockets), but there is no charging port. This sports waterproof bag is available in a variety of colors, whether you want a neutral style or a bold statement.

Useful comment: "Currently using it as my work/fitness bag! I can put my laptop in my laptop sleeve or put my sneakers into the bottom compartment [...] I can Put my sportswear in the bag and use the side pocket to hold my water bottle."

If you want to bring lunch to work in a low-key way, this backpack-lunch box combination can meet your needs. The backpack comes with a detachable insulated lunch box that can be placed in the lower compartment to help protect other items from moisture and odors. This backpack is made of waterproof Oxford cloth, and has three other compartments — including one designed for laptops up to 17 inches — and a mesh bag for water bottles or umbrellas, and A charging port used to keep the device energized (the power source does not include the bank).

Useful comment: "This bag is perfect for trains that go to work every day. It eliminates the need for bags and separate lunch bags. The lunch bag does come with it, and ice packs keep my lunch cold for 8 hours. There is plenty of space to store it. My books, umbrellas, notebooks, pens, etc. Even though it’s full of everything, it’s still very slim."

If you just bring a laptop and some small items to work, this slim backpack from Bellroy is a good choice. The flexible folding flap of the bag has a magnetized seal, which can ensure that the bag is firmly closed, and the contents of the bag can be seen well when it is opened, so that the items can be quickly grasped. Inside, there is a protective cover that can hold a laptop under 16 inches, and multiple pockets for organizing essentials. The zipper pocket on the outside of the bag has special locations for smartphones, keys, and writing utensils, but there is no charging port and no mention of waterproofing.

Useful comment: "This backpack is exactly what I want: it is comfortable to wear and can hold my things, but it doesn't look like I stole it from one of my students. The laptop pocket can easily fit into my Macbook Air, it has enough space for my lunch, a few books, mobile phone, wallet and sundries."

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