Brandless’ Travel Luggage and Accessories are Among the Top Travel Products for 2022

2022-10-09 12:46:06 By : Ms. Sophia Tang

Brandless, a mission-driven marketplace focused on providing better-for-you products at accessible prices, has been recognized for having a favored, sustainable luggage set that makes traveling easier and eco-friendly. The Brandless Eco-Friendly Travel Bundle 2.0 helps keep PET plastic bottles out of landfills and stand ups to even the harshest of travel days. With a low price of $165, the Eco-Friendly Travel Bundle 2.0 provides everything an adventurer needs for their next vacation. While high-quality materials ensure travelers will be ready with a durable, lightweight luggage set when the travel bug hits.

ZDNet mentions, “The Brandless Eco-Friendly Travel Bundle 2.0 is a lesser-known option that brings a comprehensive approach to luggage. With this purchase, you'll receive two same-size suitcases made of super lightweight polycarbonate, so they're easy to handle. You also receive a foldable backpack and travel pouch that are perfect for organizing your travel commodities. Plus, the bundle includes four packing cubes, which makes packing a breeze, whether you're preparing for a weekend trip or long-haul around the world.”

Reader’s Digest also named Brandless’ Eco-Friendly Travel Bundle 2.0 as the best option for travelers who want to invest in a sustainable luggage set saying, “some components, like the lining, are made from recycled plastic bottles, keeping them out of landfills—making Brandless one of the best luggage sets.”

While popular luggage brands are selling suitcases at continually higher prices, Eco-Friendly Travel Bundle meets all travel needs while maintaining an inclusive price point. For travelers who need to add to their already existing luggage set, Rolling Stone recently recognized Brandless’ Checked Suitcase as one of the best travel accessories on the market compared to competitors. The lightweight polycarbonate shell includes top and side handles for easy carrying and reinforced corners to ensure it can take even the hardest of travel days.

With Brandless’ 100-day promise, travelers can be assured they’re purchasing a quality product, made of quality materials, without the brand name price. With everything from packing cubes to foldable backpacks—all made of eco-friendly recycled materials to ensure travel is sustainable. For more information about the Brandless travel essentials, visit

About Brandless: Brandless is one of the world’s fastest-growing omnichannel commerce platforms. We make it easier for people to take better care of themselves, their families and the planet by working with the best ingredients, partners, and customers to drive community-led innovation and validation. By focusing on collaboration over control, quality over packaging and people over promotion, we’re leading a movement that believes that making better choices should be simple and easy.

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